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Focus on the Dust Removal Ability when Choosing the Smart Cleaning Robot

Smart products have now become an indispensable part of people's daily life. In order to improve the efficiency of daily housework, smart cleaning robots with various functions have also appeared on the market in recent years. How to choose an smart cleaning robot? This has also become a problem faced by modern people. In fact, the choice of how to choose an smart cleaning robot mainly depends on its vacuuming ability. The strength of the vacuuming ability is mainly determined by the cleaning components, the cleaning efficiency, and the vacuuming motor.

1. Cleaning parts of the smart cleaning robot

The first single suction port: The biggest advantage of the single suction port smart cleaning robot is to clean the hair, which is suitable for people with pets at home and people with long hair. The single-suction smart cleaning robot mainly relies on suction. If the suction of the vacuuming motor is not enough, the cleaning ability will be greatly reduced.

The second is the main brush cleaning system, which has an smart cleaning robot with main brush cleaning components. The high-speed rotation of the main brush can sweep up the dust that is electrostatically adsorbed on the ground.

The third type of multi-main brush cleaning system refers to an smart cleaning robot equipped with multiple main brushes. The mainstream multi-main brush designs on the market include V-shaped brush design and clip-type brush design. The V-shaped brush design has a large area for single cleaning, and has a relatively strong ability to clean dust and debris on smooth floors and ordinary floors. The clip-on brush has a good cleaning ability on long-haired carpets. It is suitable for home environments where carpets are laid, and is widely used in Europe and the United States.

2. The cleaning efficiency of smart cleaning robots

In addition to the main brush and suction port, the side brush that most affects the cleaning efficiency of the smart cleaning robot is the side brush. In terms of the cleaning area, the sweeping robot with bilateral brushes can clean up to 35cm in diameter at a time, while the single-sided brush is only 20cm.

3. Vacuum motor of smart cleaning robot

The quality of the vacuum motor directly affects the ability of the smart cleaning robot to absorb dust and garbage. Generally, a good vacuum motor has high speed, large suction, long life and low noise. At present, the vacuum motors of smart cleaning robot brands on the market are quite different. Brushless motor, relatively high speed, long life. Smart cleaning robots bring more convenience to household cleaning. How to choose an smart cleaning robot should also be considered according to the actual use in daily life.

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