Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our laser robot vacuum cleaner adopts advanced lidar scanning technology to realize accurate mapping. Our robot vacuum cleaner laser performs 360° scans to ensure the most efficient path for faster cleaning and completes an excellent cleaning job. Advanced Laser Navigation & Accurate Mapping and Advanced Custom Zone Cleaning give you an excellent cleaning experience.

Laser Guided Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner Introduction

With lidar technology, our laser robot vacuum cleaner can scan your home, recognize your home layout, create and store maps of your home. With the function of room mapping, our robot can plan systematic paths, cover every inch of your house, and less missing. Due to its 7 specialized sensor groups, our laser mapping robot vacuum can avoid stairs, walls, and any other obstacles. You can control everything from your phone including area cleaning, virtual wall setting, and watch it clean in real-time, etc.

Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Why Choose Free Dynamics Laser Vacuum Robot?

Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 3D MAPPING VACUUM


The Laser Eye's 3D laser scanning of the laser robot vacuum cleaner actively maps space and pinpoints locations to avoid obstacles in real-time

Laser Guided Robot Vacuum With Powerful Cleaning


Dual bristles for laser vacuum robot deeply agitate carpets and work with a powerful suction motor for un paralleled cleaning

How Does Robot Vacuum Mapping Work


Adaptive learning allows the robot vacuum with laser mapping to learn and become smarter the longer it cleans

Total Control App Of Free Dynamics Laser Robot Vacuum


See a 2D map of cleaning results, set cleaning schedules, check status, & even choose spots to clean

Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Smart Mopping Capabilities


Smart electric control water tank for our robot vacuum laser mapping that features 3 levels of water flow can handle different stains

Robot Vacuum Laser VS Camera

Both lidar and cameras are how vacuum cleaners map your home. Lidar tends to be more accurate but also more expensive. On the other hand, the camera is more affordable, but has difficulties in darker areas of the house and takes longer to create the initial map. Both lidar and camera have their advantages and disadvantages. However, lidar technology for laser floor cleaners is better than camera technology due to its more accurate maps and virtual boundaries.

Robot Vacuum with Laser Mapping FAQs

The laser-guided auto cleaner robot vacuum adopts the LDS lidar scanning to determine its position. The laser for laser robot vacuum cleaner is launched through high-speed rotation, and then the distance between itself and the obstacle can be judged by the reflection time of the obstacle after the laser is launched, to determine the relative position and realize the positioning.

With the optimized power consumption technology and built-in large battery power, our laser floor cleaner has a long battery life and can clean up to 150 -160 minutes on one full battery charge normally. Based on the model of the laser-guided robot vacuum, actual cleaning time may vary.

(Under standard suction power, actual cleaning time may vary depending on different home environments).

Robot vacuum cleaner laser has the advantage of high positioning accuracy, even in dark environments, it can also realize accurate positioning and mapping. Our robot vacuum with laser mapping learns the layout of your home, determines the best cleaning paths, greatly increasing the cleaning efficiency.

Mapping is a feature that allows laser vacuum robots to create a precise map (layout) of your house. Maps are used to create the most effective paths to clean your home without missing anywhere. It can also help the laser robot vacuum cleaner know exactly what should be cleaned and where has already been cleaned.

We would like to recommend our laser robot vacuum cleans in particular to you. With advanced laser navigation technology, our laser robot vacuum clean can 360° scan your home, recognize your home layout more precisely, save maps of your home. What’s more, Multi-floor mapping technology enables the robot to save Multi-floor maps as it is gradually familiar with your home and will immensely improve the cleaning efficiency, perfect for you if you are living in a big house or villa.