E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum

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E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum



Excellent cleaning performance

Wonderful cleaning experience


Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Mopping Machine Highlight

Military-grade gyroscope navigation, fast mapping, and accurate positioning, zig-zag cleaning paths increase cleaning efficiency.

Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Highlight

Perfect level of cleaning performance, V-shaped roller brush and advanced side brushes capture 20% more dirt.

Smart Mopping Machine Highlight

2 in 1 Vacuum and mop, save your time and cost, smart vacuum mop with 3-level smart electric control water tank.

Smart Vacuum Mop Highlight

Multiple Cleaning Modes for this smart mopping machine to meet your personalized multiple cleaning needs.

Smart Vacuum Mopping Machine Highlight

Smart home integration, convenient for you, smart app control, support Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum for Effortlessly Everyday Cleaning
Effortlessly Everyday Cleaning

Powered by a high-grade brushless motor, breathtaking suction power enables E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum to remove dirt and dust deep in floor crevices or embedded in carpet effortlessly. 

With a v-shaped roller brush and side brushes, E30 captures more dirt effectively by powerful suction on all floors, effortlessly enhances cleaning performance by 20%.

Automated Smart Mopping Machine with Advanced Gyroscope Navigation
Advanced Gyroscope Navigation

Advanced Military-grade gyroscope navigation technology enables E30 Smart Mopping Machine to clean with zig-zag paths which easily cover the whole area, greatly increasing cleaning efficiency and reducing repetitive cleaning.

Automatic Smart Vacuum Mop with Max Mode for Deep Cleaning
Max Mode for Deep Cleaning

Standard suction power is great for everyday cleaning, but when you want a deep cleaning, the max mode will satisfy your needs. 

With strong suction power, E30 Smart Vacuum Mop can clean stubborn dirt and give your home a thorough cleaning.

Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Mopping Machine Efficiently
Mopping Efficiently

E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Mopping Machine uses a smart mopping system equipped with a smart electric control water tank that features 3 levels of water flow to handle different stains such as sauce, coffee, and milk, and you can adjust the settings to fit your needs according to the types of your floor and your preferences. 

Mopping becomes smart and efficient.

Smart Vacuum Mopping Machine with Multiple Cleaning Modes
Multiple Cleaning Modes

E30 Smart Vacuum Mopping Machine features multiple cleaning modes to meet your unique cleaning needs like Auto Mode, Edge Mode, Spot Mode, Single Room Mode to meet personalized cleaning needs for different areas. 

Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Convenient Control in Your Hands
Convenient Control in Your Hands

You can simply start the cleaning by connecting to Alexa or Google Home speakers. Various cleaning modes for your different cleaning needs can be activated through the app. 

You can also schedule a cleaning, and when you get home, your home is clean. Your Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum will clean your home wherever you are as you wish.

Autonomous Smart Mopping Machine with Advanced Sensors and Obstacles Avoidance
Advanced Sensors and Obstacles Avoidance

With Built-in advanced sensors, the robot can easily avoid obstacles and drop-off to clean your home safely. 

With built-in infrared sensors, E30 Smart Mopping Machine will detect the obstacles in front and avoid the collision in time to protect your furniture. Groups of sensors built-in enable worry-free cleaning.

Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Charging Manufacturer
Automatic Charging

When battery power gets low, E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum will automatically return to its dock station to charge. 

When it's fully charged, E30 will go back where it left off and continues the planned cleaning.

E30 Smart Vacuum Mopping Machine Specification

E30 Vacuum Cleaner Robot with Smart Navigation Gyroscope
Roller BrushV type
Side Brush2
Dust Box Capacity600mL
Water Tank Capacity350mL

Running Time100min
Cleaning Area130m²

Brushless Motor

Technology of E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum Mop

A modern gyroscope is an instrument that can precisely determine the orientation of moving objects, not only as an indicator instrument but also as a signal sensor, stabilizer, test instrument, etc. in automatic control systems. Gyroscope navigation, as the name suggests, relies on inertial sensors such as gyroscopes and acceleration calculations to obtain information such as position and velocity. It provides accurate orientation, level, position, speed and acceleration signals, control, and orientation support as needed. E30 smart gyro robot vacuum uses advanced gyro navigation technology to easily cover the entire area with a zig-zag path. This greatly improves cleaning efficiency and reduces repeated cleaning.

E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum FAQs

Yes. E30 smart gyro robot vacuum cleans in a zig-zag cleaning path.

When the smart mopping machine connection is failed, please check whether the wireless network is connected to the Internet when the distribution network is in use. 

Please check if the wheel of the smart vacuum mop is stuck. Check whether the wheel is entangled with foreign objects and clean up the entangled objects.

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