R530 With Lidar Navigation and Mapping

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R530 With Lidar Navigation and Mapping





Robot Vacuum And Mop With Smart Mapping System

Powered by a high-grade brushless motor, breathtaking suction power enables the robot to remove dirt and dust effortlessly.

Robot Vacuum Multi Floor Mapping Manufacturer in China

Laser-Based LiDAR Navigation ensures the most efficient path for accurate mapping and faster cleaning with more coverage and fewer missed spots.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Map Navigation Function for Sale

Multi-Floor Mapping, build and save maps for multi-floors, clean effectively and efficiently.

Robot Vacuum Multi Floor Mapping Supplier

Vacuum, sweep, mop 3 in 1, save your time and cost, smart mopping with 3-level smart electric control water tank.

Robot Vacuum And Mop With Mapping Factory in China

Smart home integration, convenient for you, smart app control, support Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Affordable Robot Vacuum With Mapping for Sale
Effortlessly Powerful Cleaning

Powered by a high-grade brushless motor, breathtaking suction power enables R530 to remove effortlessly dirt and dust stuck deep in floor crevices or embedded in the carpet. 

With a v-shaped roller brush and side brushes, R530 captures more dirt effectively on all floors, effortlessly enhances cleaning performance by 20%.

Robot Vacuum Accurate LiDAR Navigation and Mapping
Accurate LiDAR Navigation and Mapping

Laser-Based LiDAR Navigation system equipped with industry-leading Lidar technology and LSD Laser mapping algorithm enables R530 to map your home accurately. 

As R530 cleans your home and learns the layout of your home, it remains maps and creates efficient cleaning paths for thorough coverage with fewer missed spots. Perfect fit for large houses with 20% improvement in cleaning efficiency.

Robot Vacuum And Mop With Mapping Manufacturer
Mopping Efficiently

Smart Mopping System uses a smart electric control water tank that features 3 levels of water flow to handle different stains such as sauce, coffee, and milk, and you can adjust the settings to fit your needs according to the types of your floor and your preferences. 

Furthermore, vacuum, sweep, mop 3 in 1, save your time and cost.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Multi Floor Mapping
Multi-Floor Mapping

Smart Mapping technology enables R530 to create and store multi-floors maps at the first time cleaning. 

The accurate maps allow the later cleaning faster and more efficient for multi-floor houses like villa, LOFT, etc. 

Robot Vacuums That Map Your Large House
Ideal for a Large House

Large Capacity of 3000mAH LG Li-ion battery powers up the cleaning which covers vacuuming up to 120㎡(1300 sqft) area and mopping up to 140㎡(1500 sqft) area in one go. Ideal for large house cleaning.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Map Navigation and No Go Zone
No-go Zones

Draw directly on the map and create custom boundaries, your robot will keep away from the areas you don’t want it to go. No longer worry about damage. 

Simply set your no-go zones and no-mop zones and the robot will avoid those areas automatically.

Robot Vacuum Floor Mapping with Convenient Control
Convenient Control in Your Hands

You can simply start the cleaning by connecting to Alexa or Google Home speakers. Various cleaning modes for your different cleaning needs can be activated through the app. 

You can take control of your robot wherever you are. You can also schedule a cleaning, and when you get home, your home is clean.

Floor Mapping Robot Vacuum with Automatic Charging Supplier
Automatic Charging

When battery power gets low, R530 will automatically return to its dock station to charge. 

When it's fully charged, R530 will go back where it left off and continues the planned cleaning.

R530 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mapping and Lidar Navigation Specifications

R530 Vacuum Cleaner Robot With Lidar Navigation and Mapping
Roller BrushV type
Side Brush2
Dust Box Capacity600mL
Water Tank Capacity350mL

Running Time110min
Cleaning Area160m²

Brushless Motor

Robot Vacuum With Mapping Technology

Robot vacuum with mapping technology means that the robot will draw a map of the house when cleaning the room for the first time. Mapping helps the floor mapping robot understand how the house looks like, so that it can avoid places that need not be cleaned, making cleaning more efficient. The mapping technology is helpful for smart mapping robot vacuum to plan its own route. After getting familiar with the route, they can charge themselves. Robot vacuum with lidar is very important for floor mapping robot vacuum, which not only saves time but also improves efficiency.

Robot Vacuum Mapping Comparison

R530 robot vacuum cleaner is a very smart family mapping robot. It has the function of cleaning and mopping the floor. R530 can clean the room cleanly and fastly. The R530 battery has a capacity of 3000mAh and can easily clean 150 square meters per charge. It is equipped with advanced sensors and can easily avoid obstacles. It is a robot vacuum with smart mapping because its system is equipped with industry-leading lidar technology and an LSD laser mapping algorithm. Its smart mopping system uses a smart electric control water tank that features 3 levels of water flow to handle different stains.

R530 Smart Mapping Robot Vacuum FAQs

Yes. Our autonomous cleaning robots have voice control with Google and Alexa.

Yes.  Our automatic vacuum robots can set the virtual wall on App.

The vacuum suction power is 2000PA.

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