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Preventing Smart Cleaning Robot from Scratching Hardwood Floors

Smart cleaning robot will it scratch or damage hardwood floors?

Smart cleaning robot is a convenient way to keep your floors clean, but one of the biggest concerns is whether it will scratch or damage hardwood floors. So, will smart cleaning robot damage hardwood floors? The simplest answer is no. Most smart cleaning robots are made with soft brushes and rubber wheels that are safe for multiple surfaces, including hardwood.

However, dirt, sand, or small objects can get stuck in the wheels or under the vacuum. Also, because most people don't continuously monitor their smart cleaning robot while it runs, debris can be dragged around for a while and scratch your floors. Softer wood floors are more prone to scratches, but this is a potential risk for any wood floor.

How to prevent the smart cleaning robot from scratching hardwood floors?

Regardless of the brand, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize the risk of the smart cleaning robot scratching your floors.

  • Pick up large debris: Don't let rocks, dirt, sand, or plastic scatter around. Wheels can get stuck on these items, dragging them around and causing scratches, dents, or wear.

  • Pick up cords: Smart cleaning robot is easily tangled by cords, dragging it around and scratching floors.

  • Tape the caster wheel: Putting electrical tape or a thick rubber band on the smart cleaning robot's caster wheel can prevent scratches. You'll need to replace the tape frequently, but it's a quick and easy fix.

  • Pick up debris: Pick up sand, gravel, or other debris before running the smart cleaning robot. Although it can suck it up, it may become stuck in the wheels and dragged across the floor.

  • Clean the robot: Regularly clean your smart cleaning robot to ensure that the wheels can rotate freely. Before use, make sure the wheels are clean and rotating as usual.

  • Clear hair: Hair can get caught in the wheels, preventing them from rotating. When the wheels can't rotate properly, they drag and rub against the floor.

  • Supervise when running: Although you may want to sleep or be at work while your smart cleaning robot runs, it's best to at least monitor it for the first few cycles. This way, if any issues arise, you can address them immediately. Make sure to choose a smart cleaning robot designed specifically for hardwood floors or multiple surfaces.

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