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How to Choose a Smart Cleaning Robot as a Consumer?

Smart cleaning robot is a type of intelligent household appliance that can automatically clean floors in a room using artificial intelligence technology. They usually use brushing and vacuuming to first collect debris and store it in their own garbage compartment to complete the task of floor cleaning. So, what functions does smart cleaning robot have? Are they good to use? When faced with a wide range of products on the market, how should one choose a smart cleaning robot for their home?

What are the functions of smart cleaning robot?

Smart cleaning robots are controlled by microcomputers and can automatically navigate and clean floors by sweeping and vacuuming. They can also mop floors, automatically recognize dust, plan routes, automatically scan and generate maps, and connect to mobile apps via Wi-Fi. They have automatic return and charging, scheduled cleaning, anti-fall and anti-collision functions, and more.

  • Smart cleaning robots have sweeping functions and some even have the added functionality of mopping, so sweeping and mopping are integrated, making the cleaning more comprehensive. In addition, they have the function of automatically returning to the charging dock to recharge. After cleaning the floor, they can find the docking station and charge themselves, which is very practical.

  • When the robot is running, some models have functions to cross over obstacles, prevent entanglement, and prevent falling. When encountering a threshold of about 2 millimeters, they can easily flip over it without being obstructed. Some also have anti-fall features by installing sensors to prevent falling.

  • They also have a virtual wall feature where consumers can create a false wall using a mobile app and set up the product to work within a designated area.

What should consumers consider when choosing a smart cleaning robot?

  • First, consider the brand factor. It is undeniable that the quality and after-sales service of big brands are very good, so consumers should choose some big brands and pay attention to their reputation.

  • Also consider the functions of the smart cleaning robot, such as whether to choose a large or small suction port, which will determine the cleaning ability. It is not recommended to choose one that is too large, as it may leak air. A moderate size is sufficient.

  • Additionally, consider the battery capacity and type, as well as whether it has the function of remote control via mobile app. Some also have antibacterial functions, which also need to be taken into account.

  • After choosing the brand and functionality, consider the price and choose one that suits one's household needs.

The above are the functions of the smart cleaning robot, which include sweeping and mopping ability, obstacle-crossing functionality, virtual wall features, and more as more and more brands emerge on the market with increasingly powerful functions to help consumers clean the indoor environment.

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