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The Structure and Advantages of Household Smart Cleaning Robot

Household smart cleaning robot is mainly used to replace manual cleaning and engaged in the cleaning work at home. With a certain degree of artificial intelligence, the sweeping robots are mainly responsible for floor cleaning, and the window cleaning robot is mainly engaged in glass cleaning. A sweeping robot, also known as a floor cleaning robot, sets automatic cleaning technology and human intelligent design in one. Generally, it absorbs the debris on the ground into its litter collection box by brushing or sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping, to complete the ground cleaning. It has changed the traditional pattern of "broom + rag + mop".

Ⅰ. The structure of a household smart cleaning robot

The household smart cleaning robots are mostly circular or square. The appearance varies according to different brands. The sensing system of the smart cleaning robot is to sense obstacles or height drop to prevent the collision, fall, etc. The dust identification of the smart cleaning robot is used to select the cleaning mode. The control system of the smart cleaning robot is to control the sweeping robot. There are fuselage button operations, remote control operations, mobile phone operations, etc. The drive system of the smart cleaning robot: the driving wheel is used for the moving of the sweeping robot. The cleaning system of the smart cleaning robot is generally composed of sweeping, suction and brushing, and mopping. The power system of the smart cleaning robot provides power for the sweeping robot.

Ⅱ. Advantages of household smart cleaning robot

1. Clean regularly: It's great to program smart cleaning robots to operate regularly or at certain times of the day, the floor is always clean without any human intervention.

2. Vacuum under furniture and in hard-to-reach places. When vacuum in an old-fashioned way, we usually go around sofas, beds, and other large furniture. With the help of smart cleaning robots, we can easily clean up the garbage in these corners.

3. Spot cleaning: Many smart cleaning robots contain a mode. You can use this mode if there is an unexpected stain in an area, especially in the kitchen, which is a "disaster zone". The spot cleaning mode doesn't clean the whole house, but only focuses on the areas you want it to clean.

4. Sweeping and mopping. In traditional cleaning methods, there are multiple steps to complete thorough cleaning of the ground. You should sweep the floor first, then mop the floor with a wet mop, and make the floor dry. But it is different if you use a smart cleaning robot. You can arbitrarily add or subtract cleaning tools on the robot, and the machine can complete wet mopping, scraping, and dry mopping together. It can complete all steps with one cleaning, which saves energy and time.

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