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What Are the Functions of Smart Cleaning Robots?

When it comes to the smart cleaning robot, we think of mostly household sweeping robots. In fact, in addition to the home market, cleaning robots are also promising in the commercial field. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, the deepening of the population aging, and the rapid growth of social labor costs, it has become a trend of social development that smart cleaning robots replace humans in part of the cleaning work.

Ⅰ. Overview of smart cleaning robots

Intelligent automatic cleaner robot can automatically clean indoor or outdoor environments and have functions of environment recognition, path planning, autonomous navigation, intellectual obstacle avoidance, and automatic cleaning. It can replace the traditional manual cleaning method to complete the cleaning operation, reduce the labor intensity of the work, and improve the cleaning coverage and cleaning efficiency. At present, smart cleaning robots are mainly divided into household cleaning robots and commercial cleaning robots.

1. Household smart cleaning robot: It is a kind of intelligent household service robot, which can automatically complete the cleaning of the ground and windows by artificial intelligence, mainly including sweeping robots, window cleaning robots, etc. It can relieve pain of artificial cleaning work and bring convenience to family life.

2. Commercial smart cleaning robot: It is often called unmanned sweeper, unmanned scrubber, unmanned cleaning sweeper, etc. The basic functions include cleaning and eliminating dirt, garbage, bacteria on the ground in various scenes.

Ⅱ. Smart cleaning robot functions

1. Intelligent dust recognition: The smart cleaning robot can automatically identify dust and select the best cleaning mode. The sweeping robot achieves the best cleaning efficiency in the limited working time. The smart cleaning robot also has four working modes: fixed point, edge, fine sweep, and automatic, which completely free hands.

2. Appointment timing and automatic recharging: The intelligent cleaning robot mop and vacuum have an appointment timing function to set the working time. After the work is completed, it will automatically return to the charging dock to charge and wait for the next time to clean.

3. Anti-collision and anti-falling: The intelligent cleaning robot has the function of anti-collision. When it encounters obstacles such as furniture, the anti-collision induction system will guide the intelligent cleaning robot to avoid obstacles. The anti-falling system can identify a drop height greater than 8cm. When it encounters stairs or steps, the downward-looking sensor of the intelligent cleaning robot can automatically sense to avoid falling.

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