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What is the Intelligence of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Do you often feel that cleaning the room is particularly troublesome in your life? Most people may think that cleaning the room is hard work, especially the underside of the sofa and bed is difficult to clean, and it is difficult to clean the dead corners. These are particularly annoying things in home life. The emergence of robot vacuum cleaners has greatly helped people's housework.

1. What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Due to the low level of technology, the early robot vacuum cleaners had many flaws in the actual cleaning. At present, the intelligent household robot vacuum cleaner has been greatly improved. It is a must-have for household appliances. With a certain artificial intelligence, it can realize the three steps of perception, thinking and cleaning, and automatically complete the floor cleaning in the room. Generally, brushing and vacuuming are used to absorb the debris on the ground into its own garbage storage box, so as to complete the work of ground cleaning. Generally speaking, robots that complete cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping are classified as robot vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners make lazy people no longer worry about sweeping the floor, greatly reduce the workload of daily housework, and free up our time to do other more meaningful things.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in high-intelligence chip, which will fully calculate the size of the room and the area of obstacles, and automatically adjust the cleaning route with the predetermined cleaning mode. It can automatically detect the condition of the floor surface, from carpet to hard floor, or from hard floor to carpet, it will automatically adjust the speed and suction to better clean the room. After the cleaning task is completed, it will automatically return to the charging base to charge. It is a new generation of family nanny, which can clean the room garbage such as hair, melon seed shells, dust and so on.

2. The intelligence of robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are intelligent: the body is equipped with a stepping sensor, which can prevent the vacuum cleaner from falling from a height. Anti-entanglement feature, when the side brush gets tangled by something (for example, carpet, tassels, or cables), it stops spinning and rotates in the opposite direction to get rid of the entanglement. The robot vacuum cleaner body is equipped with sensors that can recognize furniture or obstacles in front of it, and it will automatically slow down to reduce collisions. Robot vacuum cleaner products can greatly make our home life more comfortable and hygienic, and will be products worthy of everyone's trust and use.

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