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What to Do if the Robotic Vacuums Cannot Clean Properly and Makes a Lot of Noise?

Nowadays, the pace of urban development is constantly accelerating. When night falls, the streets are still filled with endless traffic and crowds. People living in fast-paced cities want to return to their peaceful homes as soon as possible to enjoy some comfortable time after a busy day at work. However, when they face the dust, hair, debris and stains on the floor, they can't summon the energy to deal with them. These hygiene problems are common in modern households. To better solve the conflict between housework and work, people have developed robotic vacuums that use technology to help clean homes.

Introduction to Robotic Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners are essential cleaning tools in various workplaces such as hotels, offices, shops and factories. In fact, they are used to remove dust and other residues from floors and surfaces, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Robotic vacuums are intelligent household cleaning tools with smart features such as anti-entanglement, anti-fall, scheduled cleaning, automatic charging and memory of room layout to improve cleaning efficiency. Robotic vacuums also have vacuum suction to absorb dust and particles, which are major enemies of human health. People dislike dust because it carries many bacteria, viruses and insect eggs, spreading diseases. The main purpose of robotic vacuums is to clean dust and dirt in the room, especially in areas that are difficult to reach such as corners and under the bed.

What to Do When the Suction Power of Robotic Vacuums Decreases

After using robotic vacuums for a period of time, you may encounter common problems such as reduced suction power and loud noise. What should you do to solve these problems?

Solutions to the reduced suction power of robotic vacuums: 1. Turn off the power switch and remove the dustbin for cleaning. 2. The filter cotton inside the dustbin may accumulate too much dust, so clean it or replace it in time. 3. Clean the brush suction port if it is blocked by dirt. 4. Check if there is any dirt or debris wrapped around the driving wheel. 5. If the side brush is severely deformed and rubbing against the ground, replace it. 6. The noise between the roller brush cover plate, pressure curtain wall, and the ground can also be caused by friction.

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