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Characteristics and Usage Precautions of a Home Vacuum Cleaner

For some newer products, people are more cautious, so if we want to use new products, we need to know in advance what these products are for. For the home vacuum cleaner, we need to understand what its features are and then learn about the usual precautions when using it. Clear understanding will make it easier to use.

What are the features of a home vacuum cleaner?

A home vacuum cleaner body consists of a mobile device using automation technology with a vacuum cleaner having a dustbin. Set control paths for the body in order to repeatedly walk around indoors, for example, along the edge of a cleaning area, concentrated cleaning, random cleaning, and straight-line cleaning. Also, utilize methods such as side brushes, central main brushes spinning, and wiping to enhance the cleaning effect, in order to achieve a humanization of household cleaning effect.

The side brush of the home vacuum cleaner is made of high-grade materials, has very good durability and stability, and can effectively resist impact and shock. The main brush pressure can be self-regulated. The position of the dustbin and the main brush is close, which can ensure that many fragments and debris are collected. The suction and filtering system have a strong suction system which composition is a high-power motor. The home vacuum cleaner can completely suck up waste into the outer shell filter dustbin. For good brands, this filter dustbin usually does not need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

Precautions for using a home vacuum cleaner

  • Do not use for extended periods of time. If the body becomes overheated, it should stop for a period of time before using it again to prevent the motor from overheating and burning out.

  • Prohibit using the home vacuum cleaner in hazardous areas that are prone to fire or explosion, in order to prevent fire and explosion accidents.

  • Do not use in a damp environment to prevent the motor from getting wet and causing a short circuit or fire. Do not suck up water if it is not a vacuum cleaner that can be used for dry and wet purposes.

  • If the home vacuum cleaner is not used for a long time, unplug the power cord from the outlet, clean up the home vacuum cleaner, and store it in a dry place.

  • Do not suck up combustibles such as unextinguished matches or cigarette butts with the home vacuum cleaner.

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