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Features and Functions of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Recently, household robots continue to be popular, and the most popular one is the robot vacuum cleaner. They are small and exquisite, do not take up a lot of space, and the cleaning ability is also very strong, especially in places that cannot be cleaned in daily life, such as the bottom of the sofa and the corner of the room. The function of the robot vacuum cleaner is controlled by a microcomputer to realize automatic navigation and clean and vacuum the ground. It has the characteristics of saving time and effort by sweeping the floor, improving work efficiency, energy utilization, low noise, purifying air, and being light and compact.

1. What are robot vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners are also called lazy sweepers, automatic sweepers, smart vacuum cleaners, etc., and are smart household appliances that can automatically vacuum the ground. Because it can detect factors such as room size, furniture placement, and floor cleanliness, and rely on built-in programs to formulate reasonable cleaning routes, it has a certain degree of intelligence, so it is called a robot. With the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent robot vacuum cleaners have gradually entered our lives.

2. The role of robot vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled by a microcomputer, which can realize automatic navigation and sweep and vacuum the ground. Avoiding and bypassing the obstacles in front through the collision head can clean all the corners. At the same time, the design of the two super-large side sweeping wheels can sweep the corners and the ground more thoroughly and cleanly. The relative position of the two sweeping wheels The rotation prevents the garbage from slipping away from the bottom of the body, and the cleaning is more perfect. At the same time, the dual function of cleaning and vacuuming makes the dust swept into the garbage collection box more regularly and smoothly, and through the front wheels and cleaning The photoelectric sensor is installed in the wheel power box, which can make the robot have the function of automatically preventing the body from being stuck and the sweeping wheel from being stuck. When it is stuck, it will automatically retreat or shut down, and an infrared reflection detector is installed on the collision head. Judging whether there is a cliff ahead, and automatically bypassing it.

3. The characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner

The characteristics of robot vacuum cleaners are: 1. Save time and effort by sweeping the floor, improve work efficiency and energy utilization: the whole cleaning process does not require human control, which reduces the burden of human operation, and people can use the saved time to do other meaningful things. 2. Low noise: less than 50 decibels, the process of cleaning the room is free from noise. 3. Purify the air: built-in activated carbon to absorb harmful substances in the air. 4. Portable and compact: easily clean the dead corners that cannot be cleaned by ordinary vacuum cleaners.

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