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How to Use a Home Vacuum Cleaner Robot

With the development of society, people's home life is becoming more and more intelligent. Of course, indoor cleaning is inseparable from smart products. There are many brands and types of home vacuum cleaners, so how to use it after buying a home vacuum cleaner?

Ⅰ. What is a home vacuum cleaner?

Home vacuum cleaners, also known as smart vacuum cleaners, smart robot vacuum cleaners, cleaning robots, etc., are a type of smart household appliances that can automatically complete the floor cleaning work in the room with a certain artificial intelligence. Generally, the methods of brushing and vacuuming are used to absorb the debris on the ground into its own garbage storage box, so as to complete the function of ground cleaning.

Ⅱ. The specific steps of using home vacuum cleaners

Check before use: check whether there are flammable and explosive items such as cigarette butts, matches, etc. in the room. If there are any, you need to manually clean them before using it. If the inflammable items are sucked into it, the machine body will heat up during use, which will cause damage. What's worse, the use of home vacuum cleaners in flammable and explosive dangerous places will cause fire and explosion accidents.

Place it well: put the home vacuum cleaner in the area to be cleaned, generally in a flat position. If it is placed in a position that is too uneven, it will easily cause damage to it, and it is inconvenient to clean; do not use it in a humid environment, in order to prevent the motor from getting wet and catching fire because of short circuit. If it is not a home vacuum cleaner for wet and dry dual use, never absorb water with it.

Adjust to the right height: adjust to the right position, let it clean the garbage on the ground, including the dead corner of the room.

Automatic cleaning: home vacuum cleaners can automatically analyze factors such as room size, furniture placement, and floor cleanliness, and rely on the built-in program to formulate a reasonable cleaning route and carry out automatic cleaning.

Check the machine: when using it for a certain period of time, check whether the lower body is hot. The use time of it should not be too long. If the machine is overheated, it should be stopped for a period of time before using it to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.

Cleaning after sweeping: when the machine is used for a long time, the suction power will drop due to the blockage of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction power from dropping, the filter screen and cloth bag should be washed with water regularly, so the suction power can be restored after washing and drying it in a cool place before use.

Place in a dry area: after each use of the home vacuum cleaner, unplug the power cord from the socket, organize the home vacuum cleaner, and store it in a dry place.

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