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Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Robot Vacuums

Ⅰ. About robotic vacuums

Robotic vacuums are also called sweepers. You can make an appointment for regular cleaning to effectively keep your home clean. They can make your original daily work into once a week, but can not completely replace the manual cleaning. Robotic vacuums will become an essential cleaning helper for every family like refrigerators and washing machines in the near future. The products will also be developed from the current primary intelligence to a higher degree of intelligence, and gradually replace manual cleaning.

Ⅱ. Maintenance guide for robot vacuums

1. Keep away from areas with water and avoid using in areas with water stains, such as the kitchen or bathroom. They can be used in living rooms with a few drops of water. Robotic vacuums are composed of many electronic components, especially the charging butt electrode at the bottom of the vacuum. Long-term contact with water will affect the service life of the machine. Therefore, avoid contact with water as far as possible and keep it dry for a long time to improve service life.

2. Clean the dust collecting box regularly. The dust collection box is used to hold garbage, once the garbage is full, it should be cleaned up in time to prevent accumulation and bacteria breeding. Clean the filter together, so that you can ensure the permeability of the filter.

3. Keep the robot vacuum on a charging base when it is not in use. You can keep the robotic vacuums in a charging base when it's not in use. When the machine is fully charged, it automatically goes to sleep, and it doesn't gain any more power or damage battery life. This will ensure that the machine has enough electricity for every cleaning. Lithium batteries without memory effect can be used in this way. It is not recommended to use nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries like that.

Ⅲ. How to clean robotic vacuums after use?

1. Disassembly and cleaning of side brush: The dust and hair in the jack can be cleaned with tweezers and robotic vacuums. The hair around the plug can be pulled off by hand and cleaned with a rag.

2. Rolling brush cleaning: Clean directly with a damp cloth. It should be specially noted that the shaft wheels at both ends of the roller brush need to be removed for cleaning. There may be some tangled hairs, so you should clean them up. The bristles can be cleaned with the blade on the cleaning gadget.

3. Clean litter box: Remove the litter box and dump the rubbish into the rubbish bin. Clean the top and bottom of the litter box with a dry cleaning cloth. Remove the strainer, remove the dust from the strainer, and wipe the remaining dust with a dry cleaning cloth. Please do not wash the litter box.

Robot vacuums are currently popular in homes. As a hands-free lazy household appliance, you can lay on the sofa and remotely control it to start cleaning when you are too tired. It is a good product worth buying in improving the convenience and happiness of life!

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