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The Home Vacuum Cleaner is Very Convenient for Cleaning Dead Spots

1. The advantages of home vacuum cleaners

(1) It is easier to clean up dead spots

Since the current market is basically a home vacuum cleaner with a disc-type design, with its extra-long side brush, it can be easily cleaned to the edges and corners, all-round cleaning without dead ends, avoiding the breeding of bacteria and other functions are innovated. Because this cleaner has a side brushing design, which can walk along the wall and clear the indoor dead area; the relatively thin body can be directly cut into the bottom of the furniture for cleaning, and it can come and go freely. There are five walking modes staggered, which is considered relatively clean, no manual operation required. Generally, press the start button before going to work, and it will complete the cleaning work as it should. If the power is insufficient, it can automatically find a power source for charging, and automatically power off after the work is completed to ensure safety. The volume is much lower than that of traditional vacuum cleaners, and it has an anti-collision sensing function.

(2) Easy to use

Home vacuum cleaners can automatically clean unattended, and automatically plan the cleaning path according to the home environment. Automatic cleaning, edge cleaning, key cleaning and other cleaning modes are combined with each other, and the cleaning coverage rate can reach 99%. When the robot is out of power, it will automatically return to the charging base to charge without manual operation. And our common vacuum cleaners need to be hand-held and need to be manually operated. Long-term use will cause arm soreness, which is more difficult. In addition to cleaning the floor and dust, the home vacuum cleaner can also enter the bottom of the sofa, bed and other furniture for cleaning. They also have anti-drop and anti-collision sensing functions,  which means they can retreat on the edge of high places and avoid obstacles by themselves.

2. Precautions for home vacuum cleaners

Do not place the home vacuum cleaner in a humid environment, otherwise it will easily cause the motor to get wet and short-circuit and burn the motor. At the same time, non-dry and wet home vacuum cleaners should never be used to absorb water. It will not take up too much space for us, whether it is a small apartment or a large apartment, it is very suitable. With special soft bristles design, it can be applied to any material of the floor, which is very important, not only will not scratch the floor, but also suitable for a variety of floors.

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