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The Development Prospect of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Knowledge about robot vacuum cleaners

The basic functions of robot vacuum cleaners are cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping the floor, and the continuous optimization of the basic functions of robot vacuum cleaners has achieved better cleaning effects and user experience. While robot vacuum cleaners continue to improve the cleaning effect, as the most intelligent cleaning products, in today's wave of transformation of household appliances to "smart home", the development of intelligent functions of robot vacuum cleaners has also gained a broader space. In recent years, with the technological progress and social development of the service robot industry, especially affected by the high pressure of daily life, the sales of robot vacuum cleaners have grown at an alarming rate. What is the development status and market development prospect of the robot vacuum cleaner industry?

2. The development of robot vacuum cleaners

The speed of technological innovation is fast, and the trend of functional upgrading is obvious: the basic functions of robot vacuum cleaners are cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping the floor. With the continuous improvement of functions and technologies, the robot vacuum cleaner has achieved better cleaning effect and improved user experience.

Highly intelligent to improve the cleaning effect and transform to "smart home": robot vacuum cleaners are highly intelligent in the category of service robots. In addition to basic functions, newer products are transformed to "smart home" and the intelligent functions of robot vacuum cleaners have been improved. greatly improved. Its intelligent development is divided into two stages. The first stage realizes the interconnection between robot vacuum cleaners and smart devices. The second stage is that the robot vacuum cleaner receives or observes the information in the environment through the sensor, realizes the autonomous navigation and positioning of the robot, and realizes the intelligent cleaning solution integrating "positioning-composition-planning-cleaning".

For products such as robot vacuum cleaners, which have more intelligent technology applications and a higher degree of intelligence, the offline experience of consumers is more important. Relying on the existing online traffic to vigorously develop the offline experience, display the high-tech and high-intelligence functions of the robot vacuum cleaner through the physical store to let consumers understand more intuitively, so that users can quickly accept it. The integration of online and offline markets is an important strategy for robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers in terms of channel layout.

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