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Understanding the Reasons and Development Trends for Choosing the Smart Cleaning Robot

Smart cleaning robot is a type of intelligent household appliance that can automatically clean the floor in the room with the help of certain artificial intelligence. The core parts of the smart cleaning robot include control system, perception system, mobile system, cleaning system, and mobile power.

The reasons for choosing a smart cleaning robot

  • Smart cleaning robot largely solves daily cleaning problems. Because the body of the smart cleaning robot is relatively small and exquisite, it can easily enter various cleaning dead corners, such as under the bed, under the sofa, etc. and clean them thoroughly.

  • More free time can be obtained. In the past, after work, one had to sweep and mop the floor, which was quite troublesome. With the floor cleaning robot, more free time can be obtained, so one can sit on the sofa, eat snacks, watch TV shows, read books or just relax, and the sense of happiness will be greatly enhanced.

  • The room is large or the work is busy, and there is no time for cleaning.

The development trend of the smart cleaning robot

From the perspective of usage scenarios, users hope that it can adapt to more usage environments and handle difficult-to-clean places effectively. In terms of cleaning effect, emphasis is placed on product suction and mopping functions. In terms of product intelligence, users also hope that the product can have good obstacle avoidance ability. In terms of convenience, users hope that it can be more user-friendly, and have automatic dust collection.


Looking to the future, the penetration rate of smart cleaning robots will continue to rise, and competition will become increasingly fierce, and the degree of product intelligence will continue to increase, which will enhance the user experience. With the continuous improvement of technology, consumers' demand for smart cleaning robots will become more and more complex. In the future, smart cleaning robot products will be further combined with various new technologies to meet the needs of consumers in different application scenarios.


Smart cleaning robot enterprises continue to improve their research and development capabilities and independent innovation capabilities, improve product quality, and increase product added value. The proportion of high-end smart cleaning robots will continue to increase.

Integration of sweeping and mopping functions

The smart cleaning robot industry needs continuous innovation to accurately grasp and judge market trends, and constantly launch products with new shapes and functions that meet market demand. Currently, smart cleaning robots with sweeping and mopping functions are popular among consumers.

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