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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Robotic Vacuums?

1. About robotic vacuums

The robotic vacuum, also known as automatic cleaners, smart vacuum cleaners, etc., is a type of smart household appliances that can automatically clean up the floor in the room by virtue of a certain artificial intelligence. With the improvement of living standards, robotic vacuums have gradually become popular in families. The robotic vacuum is composed of a main body, a rechargeable battery, a charging base, a dust box, and a remote control. The robotic vacuum is suitable for daily cleaning to collect dust, debris and pet hair as a supplement to the regular cleaning plan. So when choosing an automatic cleaner robot, what issues should be paid attention to?

2. How to choose robotic vacuums?

(1) Suction. Robotic vacuums are generally weaker than traditional vacuum cleaners in terms of suction. Their small size means a smaller motor, so they usually don’t have the suction as high as that of a full-size comparable product. On carpets, most have enough suction to clean the larger particles, but they may miss the finer dust and pet hair deeply embedded in the dense carpet. For this reason, consider using a robot vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood for daily cleaning, and a traditional vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning.

Some robotic vacuums have a rotating brush roller or side brush that can pick up debris from the floor. Even in the case of low suction, these beating brushes gently agitate the carpet fibers to loosen dirt and debris for a more thorough cleaning.

(2) Operation. The robotic vacuum is cordless and can be docked on the charging station to charge the battery. On average, most robotic vacuums can be used for cleaning for 1.5 hours per charge, and some can last up to 2 hours, which is sufficient for most medium-sized households. If it cannot finish cleaning on a single charge, some models will return to their base for charging before completing the work.

(3) Program. The robotic vacuum runs autonomously. The most basic program has an automatic mode that allows the user to turn on the vacuum and let it run. The high-quality model also allows options of scheduling, room mapping, etc. Low-end vacuums may support remote controls or on-board controls to set up programs, while high-tech vacuums are connected to smartphone apps. The scheduler allows the user to set the vacuum to run a specific or multiple times per day. The mapping program has options such as single room cleaning, targeted cleaning and restricted areas. Some programs offer the option of two-way room or cleaning specific areas.

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