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What Should I Pay Attention to when Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

People's pace of life is getting faster, how to liberate them from the tedious daily affairs is the development direction and goal of the intelligent sweeping robot for household appliances in recent years. The problem of cleaning can be regarded as the most troublesome thing in a family, especially the cleaning of the ground, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. So what do we need to pay attention to when using a robot vacuum cleaner?

1. What to pay attention to before using the robot vacuum cleaner

Fully automatic robot vacuum cleaners can effectively help you clean the ground, however, due to technical constraints, it also has limitations. For example, the complex room environment will make it overwhelmed, and dangerous small objects will damage its working parts. Therefore, when the overall robot vacuum cleaner technology has not yet matured, no matter how smart the robot vacuum cleaner you have, you have to clear the obstacles for it and provide a clear working environment before letting it work to improve its working efficiency and prolong its service life.

2. How to use the robot vacuum cleaner?

Remove any toys, blocks, newspapers, books and other items from the cleaning area. Be more careful with longer nails, as they can easily snag robot vacuums; clean up any cables or wires you have strewn around the floor.

Pay attention to your curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers and other soft objects. If they are dragged on the ground, they should be cleaned up. If they are sucked by a robot vacuum cleaner, you will face more complicated housework; too bright. Robotic vacuum cleaners have light-activated sensors, which can become blind if exposed to bright light.

Pay attention to the dust box, don't think that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean the whole room at once, ignore it, maybe it just works half the room, and the dust box is full; if your robot vacuum cleaner unfortunately does not have the anti-drop function, then please pay attention to you The stairs of the house, be careful that it rushes down indefinitely, and the garbage is scattered all over the ground. Note: Robot vacuum cleaners are not omnipotent. In terms of sweeping capacity, robot vacuum cleaners are very limited. Don't let it do things beyond its capabilities, which will only affect its service life.

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