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Design and Usage Considerations for Floor Vacuum Robot

We spend at least one-third of our time at home every day, and the cleanliness of our homes has a significant impact on our health. Therefore, to ensure our physical well-being, we must periodically clean our homes, not just removing visible garbage, but also getting rid of dust and bacteria. This is where the floor vacuum robot comes in. Do you know what a floor vacuum robot is?

What is a floor vacuum robot?

A floor vacuum robot is a type of smart home appliance that can automatically clean floors in its designated area using its built-in artificial intelligence. It typically uses brushes and vacuums to pick up dirt and debris and deposit them in its built-in trash container, making floor cleaning effortless. In general, any robot capable of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors is classified as a floor vacuum robot.

Design characteristics of the floor vacuum robot

  • Ultra-thin body design: The body of a floor vacuum robot is highly slim, with a thickness of only 8-10 centimeters, allowing it to effortlessly clean dead angles like under the sofa or bed. Floor vacuum robots also have a dark area cleaning function that, when activated, cleans the space under the sofa or bed and returns when finished.

  • Automatic trash dumping: Due to its small size, the trash container of a floor vacuum robot is not very large. However, constantly dumping the trash manually can become a hassle. Therefore, many floor vacuum robots have automatic trash dumping functionalities.

  • Path planning: A floor vacuum robot is equipped with an advanced navigation technology that allows it to travel on a scientifically reasonable path and clean every nook of the home. The robot controls its left and right wheels' rotation speed using its computer chip, allowing it to clean circular routes efficiently. When the radius of the circle expands to 7.5 meters, the chip program instructs the robot to leave the current route, move 7.5 meters away, and then resume the circular cleaning route. This approach ensures thorough vacuuming of the entire room.

Precautions for using the floor vacuum robot

  • Do not use in damp environments to avoid the electric motor getting soaked and short-circuiting, causing a fire. If your floor vacuum robot is not designed for wet and dry use, avoid picking up water.

  • Do not suck up flammable and combustible items like matches and cigarette butts

  • Do not use for an extended period; if the body overheats, stop using it immediately to prevent burning of the electric motor.

  • Do not use the floor vacuum robot in dangerous locations where there is a risk of flammable and explosive accidents.

  • After a floor vacuum robot has completed cleaning, it will return to the charging station and wait for the next scheduled cleaning time. If you are not using it for an extended period, unplug the power cord and remove the battery, store it in a dry place.

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