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Do You Know About Floor Robot That Sweeps and Mops?

The sales of smart home products have been booming in the past year, and the floor robot that sweeps and mop is the most popular one. The robot can greatly reduce the workload of cleaning for housewives, so a good robot is very attractive to them. With the development of science and technology, floor robots that sweep and mop have already appeared. These robots have very powerful functions, so what are the functions?

Ⅰ. About floor robot that sweeps and mops

The vacuum suction of the robot vacuums up dust and particles. Dust is an enemy to human health, people hate it. The dust carries a lot of bacteria, viruses, and eggs flying around, which will spread disease. The main purpose of the floor robot that sweeps and mops is to clean the dust and dirt in the room, especially the dirt and dust in the corners and under the bed that is not easy to clean. The floor robot that sweeps and mops can clean them easily.

The working principle of the sweeping robot is to sweep the garbage under the machine body with the brush head on both sides, then collect the garbage to the vacuum mouth with the roller brush head at the bottom, and finally suck it into the garbage box, which is similar to the garbage collector on the street. After clearing part of the ground, the vacuuming effectiveness of the robot drops slightly, and it can no longer inhale clumps of dust. At this time, the garbage box and brush head must be manually cleaned for continuous working. Thus, this kind of floor robot that sweeps and mops cannot completely replace humans. It is recommended that houses with small areas and intensive furniture layout should have it carefully to avoid waste.

Ⅱ. Functions of floor robot that sweeps and mops

Cleaning function: The advantage of the floor robot that sweeps and mops is that it does have a strong cleaning effect on areas that are not easy to clean under the sofa and bed. It can easily clean up hair, dust, and other garbage.

Cleaning effect: What kind of garbage can the robot sweep up? The robot has a better cleaning effect on the thin floating dust on the floor. Trash-like hair and small scraps of paper can be easily cleaned up by the robot, but larger pieces of paper will get stuck in the robot's garbage collection channel, and they must be cleaned manually before it can continue to work.

Obstacle avoidance function: One of the major advantages of the floor robot that sweeps and mops is that it can automatically avoid obstacles for cleaning without manual operation. Many people have also carried out tests on the robot, and the results show that the robot can easily avoid large obstacles such as walls and furniture while working, and there is no collision.

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