Free Dynamics + Gyroscope Makes Robot Cleaners Smarter

Free Dynamics + Gyroscope Makes Robot Cleaners Smarter

What do you care most about in the sweeping robot? Brand? Ranking? The price? Or function? Or both? As we are affected by various marketing methods, there will be more factors to consider in the purchase of products, especially smart home products such as sweeping robots. But for an autonomous vacuum cleaner, we should have a common concern - intelligent cleaning ability. So today we are going to introduce one of the most important aspects of Free Dynamics: the gyroscope intelligent navigation system, which makes home cleaning smarter.

Speaking of gyroscopes, do you think this is related to gyros? After all, from childhood to the big top this thing is closely related to our life, small to toys, big to travel. But when it comes to what a gyroscope is, a lot of people don't know what it is. It doesn't matter, today our popular science lecture starts, with me walking into the wonderful world of gyroscope ~

History of Gyro Navigation System

In 1852, The French scientist Foucault made a set of instruments to show the rotation of the earth, named the gyroscope.

After the 1980s, gyroscope technology entered a new stage, fiber optic gyroscopes, and laser resonant gyroscopes gradually replaced the traditional mechanical gyroscope.

And the modern gyro navigation is a kind of instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects, not only as an indicator instrument but also as a signal sensor, stabilizer, test instrument, and so on in the automatic control system, according to the need to provide accurate azimuth, level, position, speed and acceleration signals, control and azimuth support.

By definition, a gyroscope is a device for sensing and maintaining direction. It is designed based on the theory of conservation of angular momentum. It has two characteristics: fixed axis and precession. Gyroscopes widely used in modern times have many advantages such as small size, lightweight, low power consumption, digitalization, and intelligence. From navigation to aerospace, automotive biology, environmental monitoring, and now the hot field of the smartphone, smart home industry, and so on can feel the powerful function of the gyroscope.

The role of the gyroscope in sweeping robot

In 2002, an automatic sweeper named "trilobite" came out, after more than ten years of development and precipitation, vacuum cleaners have developed into a highly intelligent, automatic household appliance in one. In 1.0, only random route cleaning was possible; 2.0 era, added the function of automatic charging; In the 3.0 era, cameras began to plan cleaning, but the cleaning process was very unstable. In the 4.0 era, the application of gyroscope laser navigation opens the global planning and cleaning of robot vacuum mops, which are easily controlled by mobile phones and make household cleaning more intelligent. It can be said that relying on the gyroscope navigation this little thing, to solve the big problem that troubled all the sweeping robots random cleaning, re-scanning, and omission scanning, the era of intelligent navigation of sweeping robot really arrived.

Free Dynamics sweeping robot and gyroscope navigation

Free Dynamics will soon launch a brand with a new type of intelligent navigation system of the robot, innovative use of gyroscopic navigation technology, make sweeping navigation more accurate, can not only sensitive sensing direction, speed and the change of the slope, flexible adjustment direction, and route, and cooperate innovation grid intelligent algorithm, at the same time of improving coverage, Greatly reduce the cleaning repetition rate. Free Dynamics, the new smart gyro robot vacuum, works with gyroscope technology to intelligently sense the home environment and form a complete household cleaning plan in its "mind" for intelligent remediation and efficient cleaning. In the field of sweeping robots, Free Dynamics has boldly and innovatively applied a gyroscopic intelligent navigation system to create a highly intelligent household cleaning assistant.

Gyroscope navigation meets Free Dynamics sweeping robots and is destined for a miracle.

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