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Why Choose a Home Vacuum Cleaner?

When cleaning the house, it is usually quite troublesome, which is why robot vacuum cleaners have attracted people's attention. Which home vacuum cleaner is good? Many people want to know this because there are many styles of home vacuum cleaners, so it is important to choose a good one.

Is a home vacuum cleaner useful?

You should know that a home vacuum cleaner is very useful. It can save a lot of manpower and time. The appearance of the home vacuum cleaner has greatly changed the traditional household cleaning method. People only need to press a button, and the home vacuum cleaner will start to work for you, cleaning the floor, without the need to use a vacuum cleaner or a mop, freeing up your hands.

It is more convenient to clean dead corners: Because this sweeping machine has a side brush design, it will walk along the wall and can clean the indoor dead angle area. The relatively thin body can directly cut into the bottom of the furniture for cleaning, and it can move around freely, with five walking modes to clean more thoroughly.

No need for manual operation: Just press the start button before going to work, and it will complete the cleaning work. If the power is insufficient, it can automatically find the power source for charging, and it will automatically shut down after the work is completed to ensure safety.

The volume is much smaller than traditional vacuum cleaners, with obstacle sensing function: This is quite interesting. Are you worried that it will fall off the stairs? This home vacuum cleaner has the function of preventing falling and obstacle sensing, and it will retreat on its own when it encounters a high place or obstacle.

What conditions should be considered when choosing a home vacuum cleaner?

Check the cleaning ability

The cleaning ability of the home vacuum cleaner is realized by the internal rotating brush. More advanced ones have turbocharged motors, which can maintain high speed under low power consumption. Generally, effective cleaning of dust and debris can be achieved at around 5000 rpm.

Check if the cleaning head is flexible

The cleaning head of the home vacuum cleaner determines whether it can clean all the dust it comes into contact with. An efficient home vacuum cleaner cleaning head can rotate 360 degrees and be extended to clean corners and areas around furniture very cleanly.

Actually, different styles of home vacuum cleaners have different performance, so when choosing, you can choose according to your personal needs for robots. Home vacuum cleaners are more suitable for households that do not have time to clean, which can save a lot of cleaning time and avoid fatigue.

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